A great team of teachers

Professors de l'escola oficial de patinatge inline

The Official Inline Skating School is the leading Skating School in Barcelona and one of the most important in Spain.
Our success is due to the high quality standards in the teaching of this sport, which would not have been possible without the great human quality of our fabulous team, of which we highlight some points:

Our teachers have several qualifications endorsed by the FCP (Catalan Skating Federation) and IISA (International Inline Skating Association). They also have all the legal guarantees to teach classes as they all have the Certificate of Penalties, as required by law.

Unfortunately, there is a lot of intrusion in our profession. People without any qualifications, experience or legal guarantees, start teaching classes. The result is, at best, classes without any order or planning.

Our teachers are 100% professional, using a lot of time to plan the classes, follow the evolution of the student and give a personalized treatment because not everyone learns at the same pace.

The School was born more than 20 years ago, in 1996, and many of our teachers already had many more years of experience teaching skating lessons.

All this knowledge brings great value to our students to learn to skate faster and with all the guarantees.

One feature that very positively defines our teachers is that they are active skaters in various skating disciplines such as urban skating, speed skating, inline hockey, roller skating, aggressive skating, freeskate, frestyle slalom and downhill, among others. This brings a lot of richness and quality to our skating classes.

Our students have always highlighted our patience and sympathy. And, to be honest, it is not something we have to force because we have always been lucky to have very grateful students who have made our work much easier.

Also, when you work on what you like, you notice it in your face. 😉

Toni Pla

Toni Pla


Skating as a lifestyle

Toni Pla, our director, is passionate about what she does and this is not only noticeable in the skating classes she teaches in person, but also in the way she runs the school and the teachers who are in charge of her.

A great skater and sports enthusiast in general, she has been a player for the Catalan and Spanish inline hockey national teams, she has several national and international skating degrees and is also in charge of training future skating teachers.

But the most important thing is that she lives skating as a balanced and healthy lifestyle.

Carles Bial monitor

Carles Bial


A lifetime dedicated to skating

Carles Bial, co-director of the School, has done everything on skates and it seems that he has no intention of stopping. He started playing roller hockey very young, to end up discovering in-line skates at the Barcelona Olympics in 1992. Since then, he has dedicated hours and hours to competing with great success in in-line hockey and, above all, speed skating. His experience in all these skating modalities makes his students not only learn to skate quickly, but also with an enviable technique.

A firm defender of skates as a sustainable means of transportation, he went one step further by founding the Inercia skate shop in 2006, considered one of the largest and most important in the world.