Questions about the Official Inline Skating School

On the 15th of each month we upload to the web the free places for the next monthly course

As the registration fee expires at the end of July, its price changes as months go by:

September to March: 20 Euro

April to June: 10 Euro

Only July: 5 Euro

It includes medical assistance for the classes and discount sales at the INERCIA shop (15% discount for the first purchase of skates, 10% for the following purchases).

The registration fee is personal and untransferable, it is mandatory for each student  every scholar year.

The first week of the month we will send you next month’s reservation form by whatsap, you’ll have until the 14th to do both, reservation and payment. Current students will get the form first and they get to chose forst the day/s they want to come. Free places will be published on our website the 15th of every month, classes are then open  to the general public. 

Every month each student can change the day he/she comes, but not  within the month.

Each student must fill a form to do the reservation (one per person, twice if you want to come two days). Children and adults do the class at the same time but in different groups. We love having families skating together, but we kindly ask parents to pay attention to their own class and forget about kids for one hour, have fun with your group! 🙂

Yes, as long as you have the same level, if not you can explain to each other what you’ve done during the class when you’re finished🙂 

When filling the form we give you simple indications to choose whether you are a beginner, intermediate or advanced skater.

Beginner: You have never put some skates on or you still do not know how to stop with the heel brake, you do not have a good balance on one foot, nor know how to skate backwards.

Intermediate: You control the heel brake perfectly, you started using the T stop already, you can skate backwards a little bit, and you have some good balance on one foot and minimum speed not to look like a beginner🙂 Medium level is where you’ll find the widest range of exercises.

Advanced: You move fast on skates, forward, backwards, you turn and stop in different ways, you can jump and are not afraid of going downhill 🙂

In each group (beginner, intermediate, advanced), there are specific skills that must be achieved; the instructor will tell you when you are ready to move to the next level. Each student will need a different amount of time to achieve these skills, since not all students improve at the same pace. The more you practice, the fastest you will improve.

You can check our prices here  prices.

You pay the registration fee the first month you sign up each year, it costs 20 euro per scholar year and since it expires the 31st of July, the cost decreases as months go by (10 euro from April, 5 euro to do July only). 

It must be paid only once between September and July, that is every school year (we’re closed  in August).

You can come all the time you want! It is the student who decides how long he/she’s staying at the school, while improving and moving from one level to the next one. Some students stay for two years or more because they   want to keep improving, or take it as if they were going to the gym to do some exercice. 

Yes, each student has to bring its own pair of skates, protection gear (wrist guards, knee and elbow pads) and helmet. 

Yes, if you fall without a helmet it can be very dangerous, helmets prevent from head injuries in case you fall. Bicycle helmets can also be used.

Yes, all students must wear all the protection gear during the classes, if you get hurt without the protection gear on, the insurance company will not cover for any injuries.

Children can skate from the age of two and a half, but we recommend to wait until they are four years old to start the classes, cause then they can deal better with falling and getting up, specially the first days,  without the presence of their parents. 


This is a common question but difficult to answer. How quickly you can learn to skate depends on many factors but in general, after 3 or 4 months (doing 1 lesson per week), you’ll be able to skate safely at a slow pace on the street, without too much difficulty.

Everyone can learn to skate, regardless of age or physical condition, but each person will do it at a different pace and, of course, the more you practice on skates the faster you’ll learn.

Places are limited and must be booked in advance so it is not possible to change the date of the classs if you don’t com, neither passing it to relatives or friends.If you skip one class, you lose it. 

Sure, everytime you fill a form to do the reservation you can choose the time that suits you better (but no changes are allowed during a whole month).

After filling out the reservation form each month, you will receive in 1 or 2 days a confirmation email (it is sent by hand, it is not automatic and it will probably reach your spam  or unwanted mail folder). On  this email you’ll find the bank account number to pay by wire transfer. Payments by Bizum are also allowed but there is a limit of  only 60 payments per month we can get.

Indoor classes will take place as usual; outdoor classes will be posponed if it rains or the floor is wet, so we’ll add 30 minutes to the next two days, or find a new date to do the missed class.